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The GFNY Italia is the first event branded GFNY in the world and is a collaboration between the Gran Fondo New York and the company organizing Largo Sole; mission is to make you feel in Italy the "perfume" of the event that Uli and Lidia Fluhme organize in the Big Apple and to "taste" our territories and our organizational standards for cyclists of all backgrounds. GFNY The brand is synonymous with quality.

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GFNY - New York

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During the press conference of the Bike Live Expo,
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Effetti Collaterali!

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Tuesday, February 11 in Rome, at the Sala del Carroccio in Campidoglio, will host the presentation to the press of the important festival Bici Live Expo, the fair cycle in the Capital that is renewed and becomes even more character: February 21 to 23 there will be only room for bikes world in all its forms in three pavilions of the Nuova Fiera di Roma.

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